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China Clothing Textiles Accessories Expo to Open on 7 December

为应对新冠疫情带给外贸行业的冲击和影响,促进中澳纺织服装产业经贸与产能合作,突破需求萎缩、订单减少、供应链不畅的多重困局,以及新发展格局下国内和国际市场更好的联通,由中华人民共和国商务部主办的澳大利亚中国纺织服装线上展(China Clothing Textiles Accessories Expo)于12月7日拉开帷幕,该展由原定的12月1日-3日延期于12月7日-9日举办。展会将遴选140余家国内优质纺织服装企业参展,采用传统展会构建方式,以参展商为独立单元,通过产品展示、直播互动和即时通讯等方式协助企业积极开拓数字化营销渠道,助力企业实现线上展示、线上洽谈、弥补线下展会因疫情停办造成的“断点”,以新方式为企业传统贸易打开新局面,进一步加强了供采对接和撮合力度,助推国内企业足不出户抓订单、拓市场、增信心。
In order to cope with the impact of COVID-19 on foreign trade, China Clothing Textiles Accessories Expo hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, will begin on December 7 to promote economic, trade and production capacity cooperation in the clothing textiles industry between China and Australia, to overcome the multiple dilemmas of shrinking demand, decreasing orders and obstructed supply chain, and thus better connect home and abroad markets under the new development pattern. The exhibition will be held from December 7 to 9 after being postponed from December 1 to 3. More than 140 domestic high-quality clothing textiles enterprises will be selected to participate in the exhibition. The traditional exhibition construction method will be adopted, with exhibitors as independent units, to assist enterprises to actively develop digital marketing channels through product display, live interaction and instant messaging. In this way it will help enterprises realize online exhibition and negotiation, making up for the “break point” caused by the suspension of offline exhibition due to the epidemic. This exhibition will offer a new solution for traditional business trade in a new way and further strengthen the supply and procurement docking and aggregation, helping domestic enterprises to grasp orders, expand market and increase confidence without leaving home.

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